PLUGGOS (instruments, FX)

PLUGGOS (instruments, FX)

SIKA Oriental Scale
Soundfont player dedicated to arabic and oriental scales

Colourtone Free / Phasetone

Squid-Delay – goes up to 1000 ms (1 sec) of delay
Squid-Delay Mini – goes to 100 ms

Audio Plugin
VST and AU

Fineline synthesiser
(also “Drumachine R8” – drum synth – for 2 euros]

Eight Octave Filter Bank
– emulation of 8 octave filter bank released in 1971 by EMS … 0Bank.html

Percolate pluggos:
harm-Z; Metaflute; Quadracomb; Snow; Weaver

sbl – a collection of pluggos (v 0.2)
calcutility – Some math conversions
Channelstrip – A dirty Channelstrip
Crumbling – A picky noise gate
dehnuebung – that omnipresent granular sampler
ezeq – Easy EQ
InFragrantri – Stutter + Pitch Shift
Multibanddistortion – …
Island – That s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sound (actually quite boring)
retardando – Roll through your audio
sblmunger – that omnipresent wrap for the great munger~ external
Shifty – Ringmod or FM your signal
Ueberstaettigung – Tape Saturation

Scrambler – ‘It slices, it dices. It swirls audio around a couple of centers.’

Paein – universal panner

Poly iV – an emulation of the Korg Poly 800 synthesiser

Ninja Plugs
suite of six plugs inspired by GRM Tools.

Binaural Beat generator
Generates binaural beats with stereo synch and main parameter’s portamento

le Synthe
emulation of classic EMS synth … 39F7C.html

ck.altostratus : a strange midi instrument based on PeRColate´s blotar~
ck.clock : well, a clock! How useful can you get?
ck.comp : a compressor
ck.cycring : a ringmodulator
ck.dram_d : 6 voice drum synth with reverb and MIDI control
ck.envfilter : to adjust filtercurve, click “X” button and drag curve with mouse
ck.fader :fade in and out within a pre-defined time
ck.impulsemachine : sequences the Abelton drumsampler ‘Impulse’
ck.phasemod :a nice phase modulation plug-in.
ck.stepbystep:created for a drummer. play a MIDI note sequence with one hit. You could e.g. play simple melodies with a MIDI drum pad or trigger various other samples on other tracks etc……
ck.stepfreeze : step and freeze! with variable “freeze” time
ck.stranger:mysterious delay lines.
ck.talkingnumbers : experimental noises galore
ck.timer : a simple time counter , For Live´s Session view.

FX : maR grainfield / maR compressor / maR limiter
INSTRUMENTS : Riss Duo / Sep / August Synthesizer

Mirror – reverse play
Constantin – simple buffer delay
Black – black noise filter masking
Bins – frequency shift
Cross B – A signal is convolution with B
512EQ – 512 band FFT EQ
Complex – A signal is convolution with B
Bus – Sends signal to other VST (with Complex and CrossB)
Amp1 – simple Amp simulator
NN – sample rate reduction
Tapecho – tape echo simulation (then click “Tools”)

Delay Finder
“a 2-part plug-in that can compute the delay, or latency, between any two audio signals in a DAW”

PolyRythmic Sequencer – a Vsti rhythmbox
Bazz-ID – bass synth based on FM synthesis with 3 Bass levels

gatr – beat-syncronised gate / multimode filter / delay/reverb
werd – 2 independent delay lines, a multimode filter, and a re-pitcher
gleck – granular delay/repeater with pre and post effect waveform displays
reanimator – granular pitch shifter, a stutter/repeater and a sonograph
dirtsky – grain-based mangler with 3 way harmoniser
Glub – step sequenced filter like gatr, contains a 3-way pitch harmonizer

Collideascope : ‘Music is Movement ‘ collection (27 pluggos)
ABS Max / ABS Min / AudioSegmenter / BasicRoll / BeatDetection_BonkAlgorithm / Chebyshev / Cutomatic / Harmoniser / LFOModulator / Midi2Trigger / MotoRev / Munger / NoisegateMono / NoisegateStereo / Pitchbender / RandomSamplePlayer / Resonator / RhythmGuidedEffects / ScanSynth / SimplePitchShifter / SpectralAverage / TapeHeadSampler / TempoToCntrlPulse / TempoToCtrlWave / TimeWarper / Vibrato / VolumeControl

Glitchbaker, Glitchbaker 2 … …


aLib VST
“Collection of vst pluggins for control information generation, audio synthesis, audio analysis/resynthesis and other peculiarities.”

” (edit) turntable scratches with complex fader work and record movement, ability to scratch musical phrases from single note samples, and the ability to insert one scratch into another.” … tcher.html

Endless Tone
synthesises Shephard’s Tones from internal sine wave or audio input as carrier

DJ-style equaliser

Basement Crossfade
Crossfade plug-in designed for Abelton Live … leton.html

flips polarity


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